5 Best Baby Carriers for Hot Weather

5 Best Baby Carriers for Hot Weather for spending time outdoor

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Families who live in warm climates or spend a lot of time outside in the summer need to pick the best baby carrier for hot weather. Too much fabric along with your body heat (and your baby’s body heat) combine to make a very toasty situation. Specific baby carriers are a better choice if you want to spend time outside. Here are the 5 Best Baby Carriers for Hot Weather that we have considered from UV Protection, Ventilation, Coverage to Fabric for comfortable baby carry.

Why Do I Need a Baby Carrier for Hot Weather?

Mom wearing her baby in a rainbow ring sling.
Mom wearing her baby in a rainbow ring sling.  Source: Baby Tula

Wearing your baby, no matter the style of the carrier is warm. Body heat circulates combined with layers of fabric to create even more warmth. So, parents must be cautious to use a carrier that does better in hot weather.

Babies have higher risks when facing the hot weather. When temperature soar high and you wear your baby, you risk overheating your child, which could potentially cause a heatstroke.

Babies could also sweat too much, leading to dehydration. It is best to use a carrier that allows for maximum air circulation to keep everyone happy and safe.

What Are the Styles of Baby Carriers?

Each style of baby carriers has pros and cons, and each offers a different way to carry your baby. Let’s take a look at each style!


  • PROS: Wraps are perfect for newborn babies and provide ample opportunity to snuggle your baby. They are comfortable and easy to move around when wearing.
  • CONS: Learning how to use a wrap can be tricky the first few times. It involves a lot of fabric! Naturally Thrifty Mom gives a great tutorial showing how to use wrap a newborn baby.

Ring Slings

  • PROS: A ring sling is great for breastfeeding mothers because you can discreetly nurse. They are great for quick trips and require little learning curve. Ring slings naturally have great air circulation.
  • CONS: This style can strain your shoulder if worn for long periods.

Soft Structured Carriers

  • PROS: Structured carriers are the easiest to use and adjustable for multiple caregivers. They are comfortable for long trips and breastfeeding friendly
  • CONS: This style can be expensive and hot during warm weather.

Important Features to Consider When Shopping

UV Protection is one of the key feature to choose Best Baby Carriers for Hot Weather
Mom wearing her baby in an Infantino soft structured carrier, utilizing a back carry. Source: Infantino

To help you make a decision, we compiled these features you want to consider when shopping for a baby carrier for hot weather.

  • UV Protection

Babies under six months old are too young to wear sunscreen. If you plan to walk on the beach or enjoy your older son’s softball game, a baby carrier with UV protection keeps your child safe.

Companies use a special process to increase the UV protection of fabric without changing the properties.

  • Ventilation 

Some companies, such as Lillebaby, that make soft structured carriers come with zippered areas that allow for extra ventilation. You can zip the panel for warmth or unzip for extra air circulation. Other carriers, like a ring sling, naturally allow for air ventilation.

  • Coverage 

Your baby requires coverage when you take your baby out in the sun. A hood serves as rain protection and a sunshade.

Slings with a long tail give protection to your baby. Not all hoods are the same, so pay attention to the size and if it will properly cover your baby.

  • Fabric

The fabric of the baby carrier is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a baby carrier for hot weather.

You want fabric that is lightweight and breathable. Linen and cotton are two choices that breathe well. Carriers with mesh linings work as well!

  • Carrying Positions Available

Different carriers allow for different positions. The front-inward carry is great for snuggling and newborn babies, but back carry is great for warm weather.

Babies should be around six months old before you attempt a back carry. Some parents and babies like front-outward and hip carry.

Both are cooler than front-inward!

  • Water Resistance 

Some carriers are great for water activities and are made out of special, fast drying fabric. These come in handy when you are at the beach or go to the splash pad with your other children. Infants can sleep soundly while you enjoy being outside, without any worry of a sunburn!

  • Weight Distribution

When you carry a newborn baby, weight distribution isn’t as important, but it matters for older babies.

If you plan to wear your 20-pound infant for several hours at a time, you want a carrier that features padded shoulders, a wide and padded waistband, and other features that distribute your child’s weight evenly. Uneven distribution results in a sore back or shoulder.

  • Color

The last feature is easy to fix because most carriers come in a variety of colors. You don’t want a carrier for hot weather that is black, navy blue, deep green, or brown. Dark colors attract sun rays.

Instead, go for a light color for your baby carrier. White, light pink, light blue, or anything in the light realm will keep you cooler.

5 Picks for the Best Baby Carriers for Hot Weather

[amazon table=”3325″]

Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling

[amazon box=”B001KYZWDU” /]

Designed for babies 8 to 35 pounds, the Maya Wrap ring sling allows you to carry your baby in style and comfort. This 100% cotton ring sling is lightweight, breathable, and sturdy.


  • The edges are unpadded so that you can get a snug fit.
  • The shoulder is lightly padded to increase your comfort without being bulky.
  • An extra-long tail allows you discreetly breastfeed or cover your baby from the sun.
  • The long width adjusts so that multiple caregivers can share the same sling.
  • 100% cotton is breathable, yet it also is sturdy enough to carry larger children.
  • A zippered pocket lets you carry a diaper, wipes, a pacifier or your car keys. The pocket can fit a cloth diaper.
  • Sling Rings crafted the aluminum rings and tested each to 250 pounds.
  • You can put the sling in the washing machine if it gets dirty.


  • Cotton isn’t as breathable as linen for summer time.
  • At first, the sling will feel stiff. You may need to wash it a few times to get the material to feel softer against your skin.
  • The padded shoulder doesn’t allow the fabric to spread out wide enough for those who have larger shoulders.

Lillebaby Complete All Seasons Six-Position Baby Carrier

[amazon box=”B00IXXYYQC” /]

Lillebaby crafted an ergonomic 6-in-1 baby carrier that features lumbar support and a temperature control panel. Babies and parents rave about the comfort level in the Complete All Seasons!


  • Parents can use six ergonomic carrying positions that accommodate your growing baby.
  • It is an all-in-one carrier, usable from the newborn stage to a 45-pound toddler! You don’t have to purchase a separate infant insert to carry your newborn.
  • The hip-healthy seat features a narrow setting for newborns. Then, you can widen the seat to provide support for larger infants and toddlers.
  • An exclusive, temperature regulation panel zips-up for warmth and zips-down to expensive a cool, breathable, 3D mesh panel. Air circulates around your baby to regulate their temperature.
  • Lillebaby excels in providing support for the parent. The carrier has a unique lumbar support and waist belt, along with adjustable and crossable, padded shoulder straps.


  • It can feel bulky compared to other styles of carriers. The shoulder straps are larger than average.
  • The material can be scratchy at first until used or washed.
  • It is expensive for those who are on a budget.

ErgoBaby 360 All Positions Cool Mesh Baby Carrier

[amazon box=”B010C4IS34″ /]

Ergobaby is a classic carrier for years, and their 360 Cool Mesh is the best they created so far! The Cool Mesh is a great choice for active parents who love to be outside.


  • Ergonomic, wide seat provides a natural “M” position for your baby’s hips. The wide waistband ensures comfort and support necessary to prevent lower back pain.
  • Parents can wear baby in multiple carrying positions – front-outward, front-inward, hip, and back carry.
  • To accommodate smaller babies, the extendable back panel folds to provide head support. For older infants, you can unfold the back panel for back support rather than head support.
  • Ergobaby used a lightweight, durable mesh to allow air to circulate around baby.
  • For discreet breastfeeding and sun protection, a UPF 50+ sun hood covers your baby’s head.
  • Multiple caregivers can adjust this carrier to fit them because the waistband adjusts from 26 to 52 inches. The shoulder straps adjust from 28 to 46 inches as well.


  • To use with a newborn baby, you need an infant insert, which may be too hot for summertime.
  • The strap between your shoulders are positioned lower and may be hard to buckle alone.

Boba 4G Carrier

[amazon box=”B00N9ZFNQE” /]

The Boba 4G is a top contender for the title of the best baby carrier for hot weather. Usable for kids ranging from 7 to 45 pound, the included features make it a family-friendly choice.


  • The Boba comes with an integrated infant insert, so you can use it from immediately after birth and well into toddlerhood.
  • Parents can wear their baby facing front-inward and back carrying.
  • Boba used an ergonomic design that features a wide seat, foot straps, and multiple adjustments. The carrier easily adjusts to fit multiple caregivers.
  • This baby carrier is made with 100% cotton, making it a lightweight and breathable option. The cotton is thin enough that your baby will feel air circulating but strong enough to support a toddler.
  • Boba added multiple pockets for on-the-go storage. Plus, a bag strap holder can hold your bags in place with a snap.
  • Compared to other soft structured carriers, the Boba 4G is budget-friendly, which is fantastic for parents who are new to babywearing and aren’t sure if they will love it!


  • Parents only have two carrying options – front and back.
  • Padding around the leg holes would be a nice improvement to make the carrier more comfortable for baby.

Beechtree Baby Modal Baby Wrapin a Hug Hold.

[amazon box=”B01AHC75WQ” /]

Wraps are typically warmer than other styles of carrier, but Beechtree Baby uses modal fabric to keep the baby and mom cool. Beechtree designed their wrap with this problem in mind and found a way to make sure baby doesn’t get too hot.


  • Modal is a bio-based fabric that is 50% more breathable and 2x softer than cotton. Beechtree baby used this fabric to create their baby wrap, and everyone gets to stay cool.
  • For eco-friendly parents, modal comes from beech trees cultivated in a sustainable forestry plantation.
  • A convenient pocket keeps all of the important items that you need to have available.
  • The pocket can also be used to store your baby carrier when not in use.
  • Throw the Beechtree Baby Wrap into the washing machine when it gets dirty.
  • Parents can carry their baby from birth until the baby reaches 35 pounds.


  • There is a learning curve, and it takes time to learn how to wrap your baby properly.
  • It may not do the best for heavier babies because of the stretchy material.
  • After some time, the fabric gets stretchy, and you will have to readjust the hold, or the baby will sag downward.

What is the Best Baby Carrier for Hot Weather?

All of these contenders are fantastic choices that you can’t go wrong with, but the clear winner is the Lillebaby All Seasons Complete Baby Carrier

The All Seasons offers unprecedented support for parents with their unique lumbar support design and wide waistband. For hot weather, their zippered panel exposes 3D mesh that allows air to circulate around baby.

Parents can wear their baby in six positions, including a back carry which is much cooler. Overall, the Lillebaby All Seasons will keep you and your baby cool during hot weather.

Picking the best baby carrier for hot weather can be hard because manufacturers offer so many incredible choices. Stay cool with these five options, and enjoy making memories with your baby this summer.

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