BeBeLove USA Triple Jogging Stroller review

BeBeLove USA Triple Jogging Stroller review

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BeBeLove USA Triple Jogging Stroller




Very Attractive Design And The Pink Color Adds Just The Right Amount Of Feminism


You’ll Have Problems Fitting It Through A Regular Doorway.

Bottom line

If You’re An Active Parent Who Enjoys The Outdoors And Jogging, Then The BeBeLove Triple Stroller Might Just Be Your Baby Stroller. Its Attractive, Dependable, Functional And Most Importantly Safe.

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BeBeLove USA

If you’re one of the few couples who’ve been blessed with triplets, then I’ll start off by saying congratulations! It’s truly a blessing but with them comes triple the responsibilities. And that’s not even considering taking a stroll with your little bundle of joys—that will be a tough nut to crack.

Fortunately, there is a way to manage all that thanks to the best triple jogging stroller—you’ll have to read on to find out which one. But first, let’s look at a couple of things you need to consider before buying a triple jogging stroller.

Things to consider before buying a triple jogging stroller.

Okay, so you’ve probably made up your mind—you need a jogging stroller, but choosing between them can be an uphill battle. There are so many new cool features being added which make it all the harder to choose between the different styles, colors, and safety features, but we’ve got you covered.

Since you’re in the market for a jogging stroller, you will need a sturdier stroller—stronger than your typical baby stroller. Also, unless you’re in a remote area, you’ll most likely be jogging on hard concrete, so it needs to be strong enough to keep up with your pace and endure the concrete.

Apart from that, you also want to consider the kind of wheels you’re getting. Jogging strollers are typically 3-wheelers, unlike their four-wheeled counterparts—the conventional stroller. Additionally, these wheels are much larger compared to the ones found in a regular striker—between 12-24-inches.

The main design idea behind the large wheels is so you can easily be able to push the triple jogging stroller on uneven, hard and rough surfaces. All of which translates to a smoother and blissful stroll around the block, neighborhood, park, etc.

Whether it’s dirt, grass, concrete or gravel, the large wheels will make jogging seem like a cake walk.

Another feature you want to consider is the suspension system in the stroller. You will normally find your stroller’s suspension system behind the wheel—a coiled spring. It’s your stroller’s shock absorber and makes up the suspension system. This way only the wheels will bounce and not your babies.

BeBeLove USA triple jogging stroller

BeBeLove jogging strolller is a rising star in the baby products market, and one of the key growth-driving factors is the increasing popularity of their chic-looking products. One of their products that has garnered some reviews both good and bad is the BeBeLove USA triple jogging stroller.

The BeBeLove triple jogger is a relatively lightweight stroller despite its huge size. It has a steel framework and two fixed front wheels for extra comfort and stability when you’re on a jog. The wheels are also removable and glide effortlessly whenever you’re using them.

You can comfortably fit three children in the stroller, and they’ll ride side by side in whichever position they enjoy the most thanks to the reclining seats. When it comes to functionality, safety, and convenience no one goes as far as BeBeLove USA.

If you’re an active parent who enjoys the outdoors and jogging, then the BeBeLove triple stroller might just be your baby stroller. Its attractive, dependable, functional and most importantly safe. The extra storage also doesn’t hurt, after all, you’ll be ferrying around diapers enough for three.

Here are a few things we liked and didn’t like about the BeBeLove USA triple jogging stroller.

Things We Liked

  • Very attractive design and the pink color adds just the right amount of feminism.
  • Relatively easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Braking and suspension systems work effectively.
  • 5-point safety harness—you can never be too careful.

Things We Didn't Liked

  • Canopy doesn’t hold its ground in strong winds

  • You’ll have problems fitting it through a regular doorway.

  • Customer service isn’t the best.

Features and benefits

One of the key notable features of the BeBeLove jogging stroller that nearly every mom will love is the storage area. This triple jogging stroller has individual storage pockets for each of the three baby seats which are quite handy for those moms who love being organized.

You also get two fixed front wheels which promise not to pivot, and air fixed tires. The large wheels ensure you get a smooth ride with your little ones and it also makes sure that when you stop, you stop. You won’t have to worry about the stroller rolling on with your three little angels.

But that’s not all; the five-point safety harness will ensure that your precious cargo remains firmly secure even when you hit a bump. What’s more, the stroller weighs a mere 57 pounds and can only support up to 50 pounds of baby weight, in total.

This triple jogging stroller doesn’t just come with dual hand brakes, but it also includes a parking brake and foot brake as well. All of which work to ensure that your three little angels are perfectly safe. Having said that, the instruction manual isn’t as detailed, and for the brakes to work properly, you’ll need to flip the metal hinge.

It also comes with an awning which effectively protects your children from the sun and promises to keep them cool. Each of the three seats comes with a sun visor which will allow you to checkup on your little ones during your jog. The canopy is extendable, and you can easily detach it from the stroller if you no longer need it.

I don’t know about you, but I would have loved if each seat came with its canopy. However, that’s just my opinion, and it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Another thing you want to note is since it’s a side-by-side stroller, you may have problems squeezing through narrow passages and tight doorways.

However, despite being overly large to fit through narrow doorways its side-by-side design makes it ideal for bigger children who can’t seem to stay away from each other. But this is a double-edged sword, and the kids might just get bored and demand to go home after just a couple of minutes of jogging.

And there goes your workout session—kids! Right? But we love them. One of the things we loved about this baby stroller is its air-filled rubber tires. These tires make jogging on concrete, gravel or dirt a breeze since the wheels seamlessly glide on concrete like a sharp knife cutting through butter.

The stroller also folds nice and compactly. It can fit in pretty much any vehicle, but you may have to remove the wheels if you want to fit in an SUV.

Another we thing we noted about this stroller is it doesn’t handle corners well. If you typically run in a relatively straight line, then you shouldn’t have any problems with this stroller. However, if your jogs involve a lot of turns—like a river, then you should consider getting another stroller.

A lot of the downsides of this stroller revolve around its canopy. The canopy isn’t stable in medium to high wind and can easily fly back. Part of the issue stems from the fabric’s stitching but if you’re not in a particularly windy area, then it should suit your needs.

What others are saying

I decided to scour the internet and find real honest-to-God reviews surrounding this stroller. One issue that kept popping up is the poor customer service provided by BeBeLove USA, and while this isn’t a direct problem with the product, it’s still a concern. Here are other reviews we found.

Alternative triple strollers

Having three children or triplets and running multiple errands throughout the day can be a tall order. If the BeBeLove USA triple jogging stroller is not for you, then you can choose between the following triple strollers and still get the same functionality.

1. Child Craft sports Child triple stroller

Child Craft sports Child triple stroller

Child Craft sports Child triple stroller

If you have narrow passages, tighter doorways or a tight space, then the Child craft sports child triple stroller is for you. Unlike the BeBeLove USA triple stroller, then child craft stroller is vertically aligned, durable and easily maneuverable. You can find it here

Things We Liked

  • Comfortable and adequately padded seats.
  • Works in any terrain.
  • Plenty of storage area.

2. Joovy Big Caboose triple stroller

Joovy Big Caboose triple stroller

Joovy Big Caboose triple stroller

The Joovy Big Caboose stroller is perfect for parents with tight storage areas since it folds nicely and compactly. Having three children doesn’t always mean you have triplets and this stroller will comfortably accommodate two babies in the front and one behind. You can find it here

Things We Liked

  • Large storage compartment
  • Wide canopy
  • Accommodates children of up to 3 years of age.

3. Foundations worldwide Blue 3 passenger stroller

Foundations worldwide Blue 3 passenger stroller

Foundations worldwide Blue 3 passenger stroller

The foundation three passenger stroller is among the best triple strollers for infants. You get an added level of safety thanks to the 5-point harness, safe braking system and the strong and sturdy steel construction. You can find it here

Things We Liked

  • Each seat comes with a 5-point safety harness.
  • Safe break system.
  • Maneuverable.

Final thoughts

BeBeLove triple jogging stroller is truly among the best triple jogging strollers on the market. It's side-by-side build makes it easy to keep an eye on all your children, and its beautiful pink design adds a woman’s touch to it.

It has a 5-point safety harness system which makes it very safe for your children. It folds up nicely and compactly so you can stow it away pretty much anywhere and thanks to the sun visor you can easily keep the sun at bay.

Find out more about the BeBeLove USA triple jogging stroller by clicking here.

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