Best Bottle for Gassy Baby Review

Best Bottle for Gassy Baby Review

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Is your baby crying non-stop due to gassy tummy? If he persists in his discomfort even after altering the baby milk or applying soothing oil, perhaps you might want to consider changing his milk bottle. In this Best Bottle for Gassy Baby Review, I will share with you the 10 top bottles for you to choose and buy!


Why Does Your Baby Need a Milk Bottle with Special Air Venting System?

When our babies cry frantically even after being cuddled or fed, it must be because of stomach discomfort. From my experience, one of the typical pains that can happen to our baby is gassy tummy.

The best way to prevent gas pains on your child? Switch from the regular milk bottle to the vented one!

This type of bottle comes with a valve, straw, and hole-in-the-nipple that pushes air to the back of the bottle or out, instead of gathering at the nipple and mixing with the milk.

By using this air-free bottle, your baby will remain healthy and away from the air ingestion!

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How to Choose the Best Bottle for Your Gassy Baby?

As parents, the last thing we want to happen to our small kids, especially newborns, is discomfort due to gas in their stomach.

Why? It will keep them (and us!) awake all night and gets cranky all day long. Before it hits your baby, you need to prevent it from happening in the first place – by using an anti-colic baby bottle!

There are some tips on how to choose the most efficient and the best bottle for a gassy baby that can burst air bubble and prevent tummy problems.

Bottle Materials

Anti-gas baby bottles can come in three different materials: glass, plastic, and stainless steel.

Plastic is the most common type and typically, cheaper. If you prefer plastic for you baby, make sure it is BPA-free.

The glass is a better option as it does not absorb odor. It is built to last but can be expensive to purchase. It is also better for your kid’s health compared to plastic.

Stainless steel is rare, but some mothers do prefer it as it keeps the drinks warm for a long time. But, you cannot see how much milk you have left in there since it is not transparent.

Venting Design

Bottles for gassy babies offer a unique venting design. There are three different venting configurations that you need to know: top-vented, straw-vented, and base-vented.

The top vented bottle has tiny holes in the nipple part. The holes allow air to pass through the cylinder. Hence, it prevents further air intake. But, it does not eliminate air 100% as you can still see the air bubbles and mixes with the milk.

The straw venting design makes use of the straw to create a pass-through for the air from the nipple to the bottom of the bottle. This way, it prevents any air bubbles from mixing with the milk.

The best design is the base venting. It uses a valve to draw air efficiently to the base of the bottle, and totally free the bottle from the air!

Types of Nipples

When buying the best bottle for your gassy baby, you should also consider the types of nipples included in the purchase.

For materials, there are two types for you to choose – latex and silicone. I prefer silicone compared to latex as it is firmer and last longer.

Plus, there are also different sizes of holes on the nipples. The small hole is suitable for your newborn as it lets a softer milk flow. He can’t swallow as much as other older babies!

You can then change the sizes or flow level as your son gets older and more aggressive in drinking.

You can also consider orthodontic nipple options. It is good for your baby’s gum and teeth.

Bottle Sizes


Also, pay attention to the scale of the bottle when purchasing a new one for your kid. Your newborn might not need as much milk as your two-year-old toddler.

Make sure to check the age and milk diet specification on the packaging. There are two general sizes – small (4 to 5 ounces) and large (8 to 10 ounces).

As a guideline, I have prepared for you the general diet recommendations for several baby ages:

  • Newborn – 2 to 3 ounces
  • Three months – 4 to 6 ounces
  • Six months – 6 to 8 ounces

Also, if you feed your son or daughter with breast’s milk, make sure the bottle suits well to the breast pump you are currently using.

Ease of Cleaning

Plus, you should also consider the ease of cleaning of the bottle. It should not be too complicated to clean.

However, for vented-bottle, you should be ready to invest a relatively longer time to clean and get to the vent area compared to a regular bottle.

Nevertheless, no need to fret. These days, you can easily find anti-colic bottles with dishwasher-friendly feature – it makes your cleaning job much easier!

Ease of Use

Sometimes we, the mothers, can get too excited about the design of the bottle.

But, the beauty part of the container should not be the priority. Instead, consider the ease of use.

Whenever I choose a baby bottle, I like the one with a firm and ergonomic body design. It does not only make it easy for me to hold it but also for my baby to grip the bottle as he feeds himself. It also have to fit nicely into bottle warmer.

Check out this informative YouTube video that shares with you how to choose the best baby bottles.

The 10 Best Bottle for Gassy Baby Review

Dr. Brown’s Options Bottle

[amazon box="B00XUSPRNY" /]

If you are looking for the best bottle for your gassy baby, Dr. Brown’s Options bottle is worthy of your consideration.

With its patented venting design, it controls the flow of the air. As the milk leaves the bottle, air will enter, and the vent directs it to the area above the liquid, separating the two from mixing.

There are two options to choose from: fully venting and nipple venting systems. Many mothers have attested that their babies experience less gassy tummy and colic with this bottle.

Plus, the provided nipples are also soft and comfortable on your baby’s gum. Kids love them, and I think you will like it too as it keeps your child from tummy ache!


  • Little to zero air bubbles
  • Prevent gas and colic efficiently
  • Easily adjustable as the air vent can be taken ou
  • BPA-free
  • Affordable price


  • Can leak over time
  • Green tube can get loose
  • Requires four brushes to clean the small parts

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature

[amazon box="B00HR34VG2" /]

Another product that truly impresses me is the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle. I think it is the ideal bottle for mommies who are converting from breastfeeding to bottle feeding.

Firstly, the silicone nipples are soft and elastic. It mimics the natural feel of the mother’s breast. Hence, making it easier for baby to adapt to bottle feeding routines.

Also, Tommee Tippee is on this list because it is one of the best bottles for gassy baby out there. If your son or daughter experience colic or indigestion problem, try this bottle.

The vented nipple does not only provide soft milk flow but also reduce the amount of air intake. Many users have attested that the valve works well!


  • Ergonomic bottle design
  • Various options of nipples for you to choose
  • Efficient nipple venting system
  • BPA- and phthalate-free
  • Cheap price


  • Odd shape of bottle makes cleaning a challenge
  • Nipples can collapse quickly

Chicco NaturalFite

[amazon box="B01LPWSQVG" /]

Another great option if your baby is suffering colic or gassy tummy is Chicco NaturalFit Baby Bottle. The shape of the bottle itself is simple and minimalistic. However, the design that truly enhances its anti-colic feature is the nipple.

I love how the angled nipple supports baby latching, and the two valves on it prevent excess air from mixing with the milk at the bottleneck.

There are three different bottle sizes for you to choose from – 5oz, 8oz, and 11oz – and each one offers the anti-colic system.

I (and other mothers who have used Chicco) love how the bottle mimics the natural mother’s breastfeeding, and I think you and your baby will love it too!


  • High-quality BPA-free plastic bottle and silicone nipple materials
  • Straight nipple is also available
  • Air vent that works as expected
  • Easy for baby to hold


  • Take some time for baby to get used to the slanted nipple

Tinukim Hands-Free Baby Bottle

[amazon box="B01MPY6W4X" /]

Your child has a tummy ache due to air ingestion, and you are traveling soon? Here’s another best anti-colic baby bottle option for you to consider – Tinukim Hands-Free Baby Bottle.

It uses a straw venting system. All you need to do is to secure the straw to the bottle cap, and the straw will separate the air inside the bottle from mixing with the milk.

Thus, your baby will consume more liquid and less air.

Another feature that I love about this Tinukim bottle is the hands-free kit! You can place the bottle in the upright position and use the long tube to connect the container to the extended cap.

Your baby can suck it to drink milk without you having to hold the bottle – ideal for traveling purposes or a busy mom like you!


  • Inventive design – air venting and hands-free systems
  • Microwave friendly
  • Soft nipples that promote baby latching
  • Lead-free silicone and BPA-free plastic
  • Reasonable price


  • More parts to clean due to venting and hands-free system
  • Baby will take some time to learn to suck from the long tube

Playtex Nurses Drop-Ins Bottle

[amazon box="B001QC3CKG" /]

Another baby bottle that has become my favorite is the Playtex Nurses Drops-Ins Bottle.

If other bottles claim that they mimic the lifelike feel of the mother’s breast, Playtex goes beyond that. It also mimics the natural breathing pattern of a baby while breastfeeding.

The venting design works in a way that when your son sucks the milk from the nipple, the disposable liner inside the bottle will collapse.

It prevents your daughter from ingesting air together with the milk. Hence, preventing gassy tummy.

Another positive point of this bottle is that it is relatively easy to assemble and clean, which makes it ideal for you if you are a busy, working mom.


  • Inventive design – air venting and hands-free systems
  • Microwave friendly
  • Soft nipples that promote baby latching
  • Lead-free silicone and BPA-free plastic
  • Reasonable price


  • More parts to clean due to venting and hands-free system
  • Baby will take some time to learn to suck from the long tube

MAM Anti-Colic Bottle

[amazon box="B00DYOQLMU" /]

MAM Anti-Colic Bottle is one of the best bottles for gassy babies, and many mothers out there can attest to this.

Why? Because hundreds of users have purchased it and most them (up to 74%) rated it as a five-star product! Do I need to say more?

One of the features that I find to be very helpful in solving feeding problems in babies is the highly efficient base venting system.

The vented base handles the flow of your son’s milk and prevents him from sucking the air.

It does not only help your kid to digest well but also prevent choking as there are fewer bubbles and foams in the bottle!


  • Baby latches quickly with the round silicone nipples
  • Microwave-friendly – easy to sterilize
  • Easy to assemble and dissemble
  • Parts are tight and secure


  • Can leak sometimes
  • Nipples can be quite hard for some babies

Munchkin Latch

[amazon box="B00NFH28I2" /]

Another top bottle that has been the choice of many mothers out there is Munchkin Latch.

It has also become one of my favorites due to its high-quality materials, simple design, efficient venting system, and adaptability to breast pumps.

At the bottom of the bottle, there is a valve that prevents air from traveling to the top and into your baby’s tummy.

It functions by your child’s head movement, adjustable by the accordion-like nipples. It has a smart design, I must say.

Many people have tried this Munchkin Latch bottle for their babies who suffered gassy tummy, and they complimented how functional the valve is in eliminating air.

Now and then you can hear a ‘pop’ sound – the sound the air valve made while releasing the air.


  • Well-made bottle and nipples
  • Practical base venting design
  • Mimics breastfeeding naturally
  • Prevent gas ingestion well
  • Low price below $10


  • Replacing a new valve and nipple can be quite expensive over time
  • Leaking is prone to happen

Philips Avent Anti-Colic Baby Bottles

[amazon box="B00WSCERWK" /]

Philips Avent makes use of a nipple venting design. Many happy mothers out there are satisfied with this brand – it works as expected.

The vent holes in the nipples allow air to enter the bottle and prevent a vacuum from building up.

With the controlled air flow, your baby will consume more milk and less air. Thus, you will experience less cranky baby due to happy tummy.

Besides its well-functioning venting system, there is another reason why I recommend Philips Avent. At about $20, I can get five bottles in a single pack!

It is very economical and practical for your baby. Plus, the overall design of the bottle is straightforward so that you can expect less cleaning hassle with Philips Avent.


  • Competitive price
  • Slow flow nipple works great with newborns
  • Easy to clean
  • Prevent tummy ache due to gas
  • BPA-free bottle with soft silicone and anti-colic nipples


  • Not available in glass bottle
  • All five bottles are of similar size – 9 oz

Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle

[amazon box="B004C053B0" /]

If you need a bottle for your infant that can support conversion from nursing to bottle feeding as well as prevent gas, Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle is also the ideal option for you.

Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle has a wide bottleneck with flexible silicone body and nipple. Your baby will find the bottle firm and soft in his hands, thanks to the silicone bottle.

Plus, it uses a dual anti-colic venting design that reduces mixing of air and milk inside the bottle.

The two air vents are in the nipples, and they push the air into the bottle and reduces bubbles and foams formations.

Thousands have purchased it, and up to 76% rated it as a high-quality, five-star anti-colic baby bottle. I could not agree more!


  • Ergonomic and baby friendly bottle design
  • Wide neck makes it easy to clean
  • Feels soft and squeezy in your baby’s hands
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Ideal for newborns with slow-flow nipple option


  • A bit pricey at about $13 per bottle
  • Can be quite leaky around the rings
  • Heavy and bulky

NUK Baby Bottle

[amazon box="B00BXE5MUK" /]

One of the common issues of vented bottles is the challenge of cleaning. They come in many parts, and you will need more time to screw, unscrew and clean.

Here is another option for you to consider if you prefer something that makes your life easier – NUK Baby Bottle.

Firstly, the design of the bottle is very simple. It is straight and tall. It is not tricky to clean at all. Also, there is an integrated venting system that does not require any additional parts or components.

There is an air vent in the nipple that allows air to get through the bottle as your baby sucks the milk. This air prevents a vacuum from building up.

You will find only milk at the bottleneck, and your baby will consume just that – the milk without any air!

Plus, there are also various options of nipples with three different flow rates. You just need to choose the one that works best for your baby.


  • Tall and straight bottle design
  • Easy to clean
  • Air vent that eliminates air ingestion in babies
  • Reasonable price at $15 for three bottles
  • Multiple options of flow rates – works for newborns and older babies


  • Inconsistent flow rates – some are too slow, and some are too fast
  • Prone to leaking

Conclusion Best Bottle for Gassy Baby Review

As you can see from the choices above, there are many good anti-colic bottles for your gassy baby.

Consider each one of them and purchase the one that suits well to your preferences, needs, and budgets.

As for me, I think the Dr. Brown’s Options Baby Bottle remains on top of my favorite list. The venting system works as expected in solving gas and colic issues amongst babies.

The nipples are soft and promote latching. It makes a transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding smooth and as natural as it can be.

Plus, the price is very reasonable. The cleaning might take some effort, but I could not complain when it works wonder in preventing gassy tummy.

In my opinion, it is worth the time and effort. Happy baby, happy mummy!

[amazon box="B00XUSPRNY" /]

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