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If you have an experience with a lousy stroller before, you will agree with me when I say that spending money on such product is a total waste. It’s hard to push, break easily, stiff to steer, and your child does not feel comfortable sitting inside it! If you are afraid of making the same mistake, consider the durable, compact and smooth baby stroller instead – Graco Breaze Click Connect Umbrella Stroller!

How to Choose A High-Quality Baby Stroller

You must have read so many tips on how to choose a great stroller that can last for many years and easy to operate. Some of the common features to look for are:


  • Sturdy frame – A low-quality stroller tend to be wobbly and fall into pieces after several months of usage. Hence, a durable frame is a must!
  • Smooth wheels – A swivel with suspension system is ideal because it provides a breezy pushing and maneuvering.
  • Security for children – A great stroller should provide a 5-point harness seat belt. At a minimum, a 3-point safety strap is a must.
  • Storage – Having a cup holder and basket storage allows you to store some of the items to keep your child entertained in his seat.

Now, here are the tips on how NOT to choose a stroller.

  • Do not just look at the size of the frame. You should consider your son’s weight and make sure it suits to the specification of the stroller. In general, most products can cater up to 50 pounds of weight.
  • Expensive does not mean exclusive. Sometimes, you can get everything you need at a lower price (that’s what Graco Breaze stroller offers!)
  • Buying the cheapest stroller is also not the best way to choose a stroller. You might end up with another purchase soon since it can be too hard to push, too big and bulky, and not travel-friendly.
  • You should also not ignore the folding and portability aspect of a stroller. Since you will be out to town with your child alone, you need a stroller that is easy to fold and store in your car.

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The Ever Versatile Graco Breaze Click Connect Umbrella Stroller


One of the strollers that I have fallen quickly in love with is the model from the well-known manufacturer of Graco – the Breaze Click Connect Lightweight Stroller.

The Breaze is the latest model and offers similar features like the 2015 version. It is the sibling of another Graco baby pushchair, which is TraveLite Umbrella Stroller.

The Breaze model promises to provide you and other moms out there a compact and lightweight stroller that eases traveling and commuting process. It is one of the main reasons why we include it as one of the options in our Best Lightweight Stroller article!

Also, another reason why it becomes one of my favorites is its complete and well-designed features. You can enjoy many qualities and pay a reasonable chunk of money at the same time.

It is ideal if you always need to drive to town to run errands with your little kid. Why? It is compatible with Graco Snugride 35 Elite car seat!

However, since it is quite small, it might not be suitable for you if you are specifically looking for a stroller with spacious seating for your big-sized child.

Also, while the weight of 18 lbs might not be the lightest on the market, but the small frame and one-hand-release locking technology make it friendly for traveling.

Mimo Baby Sleep Tracker

Things We Liked

  • Bearable weight at 18 pounds
  • Easy to assemble out of the box
  • Smooth press and release foot brakes
  • Seat can lay flat
  • Slim frame size
  • Removable cup holder

Things We Didn't Liked

  • Handle cannot be adjusted

  • The canopy should be larger

  • The pushing could have been more smooth for such rubber wheels

  • Not suitable for pebbled or gravel road

Features and Benefits – Why You Will Love Graco Breaze Stroller!

At a price of slightly $100, the Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller Pierce model provides all the essential features that make your life easier. One user attested that every single feature on this stroller is very effortless to use.

Design and Materials

If I must rate the quality of the materials used on this lightweight stroller, I will give it 4.5 – without any hesitation!

It mixes blacks and grays to make it gender neutral. You can use it for both your son and daughter and they will like it. If you prefer something striking, you can also pick the green color.


The materials are aluminum steel, hard plastics, hard rubber (for the wheels) and thick linen. I also like how the foamed handle absorbs your sweat well on a hot summer day.

When you receive it out of the box, it will take minutes for you to assemble – the frame, wheels, and canopy.

Wheels and Steering Performance

On a very first look, you might think that the wheels are too small. Well, it is an umbrella stroller after all.

But, with the front-swivel wheels and double back wheels, Graco Breaze Umbrella Stroller does not feel too stiff to push around. It feels soft, and many moms out there have complimented how easy it is to steer the stroller with only one hand!


However, I suggest you do not push it on a rough surface or pebbled road as the wheels are not designed to survive rough terrains. If the wheels become squeaky, you will need to apply a light oil to maintain it.

Also, the handles are not adjustable. It should be okay if you have an average height. But if you are tall, then you might need to make sure that the height of the handle (40 inches of height) suits well to your body height.

Seats and Comfort

As mentioned in its specification, the width of the stroller is only 20 inches. It means that the seating place is quite tight. I guess it makes sense because this Graco Breaze Lightweight Stroller is designed with traveling in mind.

The positive side of having a tight seating space is that your child will not move around too aggressively. Thanks to the multiple recline positions, you can ensure that your child can sit comfortably for quite a long time.


If your kid happens to be sleepy and would like to take a nap on your day trip, you can release the recline lock and adjust the seat into a 100% flat lay position.

With the thick and soft cushion, I think your son or daughter will doze off in no time! And guess what, the foot rest will automatically come up as you do this, so your child can rest his feet while lying down. It is neat, I must say!

Belt Harness and Safety for Your Child

Now, comfort without security can worry just about any moms. That is why the stroller provides a complete 5-point harness belt.


You can see that the seat belts secure your child well on his thighs, waist, and chest. If you happen to flip the stroller, your son will remain in his seat and prevent major injuries.

If there is one thing that I wish the stroller has is a fully padded belt. Right now, there are only sleeve pads for the shoulders.

Portability and Storing

Some strollers can be quite tough to fold and release. But, the Graco stroller is the opposite of that. It comes with a one-hand fold technology. Meaning, you can operate the lock using one hand, and carry your child in another.


When folded, it does not go into a vertical position. Instead, it collapses flat onto the ground with a dimension of 16 inches in height, 12 inches in width and 43 inches in depth. Quite compact, isn’t it?

So, even if you are driving a compact or hatchback car, you can still fit it in the back seat or the trunk of your vehicle.

Car Seat, Storage, Canopy And Other Bonus Features

As I mentioned earlier in this review, the stroller comes fully-equipped with many features. At the bottom of the seat, there is a net basket for you to store baby items and your belongings.


The UV 50 canopy will protect your child from the heat of the sun. It is huge and should suffice for any sunny day.

The best bonus feature that makes this model stand out is the car seat compatibility. You can directly install any Graco Click Connect car seat onto the stroller. It saves lots of your money since a travel system stroller can be quite expensive!

Social Proof – Other Users Love It Too!

I am interested to know whether other mothers (and dads!) out there agree with me or otherwise. So, I scoured the internet reading reviews and looking at new facts about the Graco Breaze Umbrella Stroller.

Melissa from The Mommyhood Chronicles


One of the reviews that have caught my attention is the comments left by Melissa, a mom of two. She said that her experience had given her some sense on how to select stroller.

She also said that the Graco Breaze is the easiest folding umbrella stroller! She also loves how easy it is to connect the stroller to a car seat.

April from


April loves the Graco stroller so much that she regrets buying the previous, expensive stroller!

Some of the features that have become her favorites are the carry strap for easy lifting, convertible harness strap, and the peek window on the sun visor. With it, she can look at her daughter, Cami, quickly without having to walk to the front side.

Maryann from

When Maryann received the stroller from the mailman, she did not delay any longer. She unpacked the box and started assembling the stroller – alone! It took her about 15 minutes, and she found it to be a pleasant experience.

She commented that the materials are very durable and yet, easy to clean. She even took it to the beach and did not have any major issues pushing it on the sandy beach

Alternatives – Other Excellent Lightweight Strollers

As usual, I will provide you with three other products that can become a fierce rivalry to the well-performing Breaze Click Connect Stroller.

Evenflo Sibby Travel System


If you have a high budget and looking for a complete travel system for your baby, you can consider Evenflo Sibby Travel System. It is slightly more expensive than the Graco model, at about $150.

It has similar feature offerings such as infant car seat connectivity, luxurious materials, smooth ride, ample storage and multiple seat positions.

It also has extra perks like washing-machine and thick cushion seat pad, full-coverage canopy, adjustable footrest, and an additional cup holder.

But, if you wish to buy a stroller with a weight of 20 lbs, then it is not ideal for you since it weighs about 27 pounds.

Summer Infant 3DLite Convenience Stroller


I cannot make an alternative list without mentioning this best-selling stroller – Summer Infant 3DLite Convenience stroller.

Firstly, you will love the price of the product! At just about $65, you can own a great and reliable stroller that can keep your son secure and comfortable.

It is a perfect go-to stroller for you as it ensures smooth pushing while you are in the outdoor with your little one.

Summer Infant offers 4-position seat reclines, storage, durable aluminum frame, and lightweight at just 17 lbs! But, it is not suitable for you if you need a steady and spacious stroller for your little kid since it is quite tight and compact.

J is for Jeep Brand Scout AL Sport Stroller


The next option that I am presenting is ideal for you if you wish to have a stroller like Graco but at a half price! You should consider J is for Jeep Brand Scout AL Sports Stroller.

At just $60, you can get what Breaze stroller offers. The great thing about it is that it is lighter than the model I recommend above at just 16 pounds!

You will enjoy pushing this lightweight stroller around while out and about in town. There are swivel wheels with suspension, European-style canopy, plenty of storage (under the seat, behind the canopy, and side pocket.

The only thing you will not get from this J is for Jeep Brand stroller is the flat seat position.


Summer Infant

J is for Jeep


Black steel with lightweight frame

Stylish and sturdy aluminum frame

Silver steel and hard plastic


Adjustable 5-point harness with shoulder pads

5-point harness with 3-height position

Soft shoulder pads with 5-point harness

Steering Performance





27.6 pounds

15.9 pounds

16.1 pounds





My Rating

Buy Here


Buy Here


Buy Here



With Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller, you can avoid owning a lousy stroller. There are no more issues with wobbly wheels, seat pad that is hard to wash, and bad handling.

The model I recommend in this review can give you a peace of mind as it is quick to assemble, smooth to push and steer, comfortable and secure enough for your son or daughter.

Most importantly, it is travel-friendly with its compact size when folded, lightweight frame, and compatible with a car seat.

Purchase the baby umbrella stroller here and save yourself from the hassle of buying a new stroller (again!) after a few months. You can expect to use this stroller for many years to come and enjoy it at the same time!

Elizabeth J. Galloway

Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller

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