5 Best Strollers for a Walk-up Apartment

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When you have a baby and you live in the city, a stroller is a necessity. However, not just any stroller will do, especially depending on what type of building you live in. If your building doesn’t have an elevator, you need to find the best stroller for a walk-up apartment.

What Type of Strollers Should You Consider for a Walk-up Apartment?

Carrying strollers up the stairs of a walk-up apartment can be a pain (Source: Hint Mama)
Carrying strollers up the stairs of a walk-up apartment can be a pain (Source: Hint Mama)

The best type of stroller to look at for your walk-up apartment is an umbrella stroller. These are usually lightweight and fold up small enough to carry up the stairs easily (as well as take on the subway or bus).

The problem with some umbrella strollers, however, is the fact that some of them are not suitable for infants. They don’t have the proper restraint system, recline, and support that is needed to keep a little newborn safe.

There are some newer stroller models that fold easily (perhaps not as small as your typical umbrella stroller) and are lightweight enough to carry up the stairs with ease.

Another type of stroller to consider if you have an infant is a travel system. These can be handy for walk-ups since you only need to take the carrier (car seat part) up the stairs. However, these can also be a pain if you don’t want to leave the stroller part in your car or if your building doesn’t allow lobby (stroller) parking.

Use a Carrier

Use a baby carrier when carrying your baby and stroller up the stairs (Source: Becoming Mamas)
Use a baby carrier when carrying your baby and stroller up the stairs (Source: Becoming Mamas)

As a word of precaution, you should never try to carry your baby up the stairs in your arms if you are carrying the stroller at the same time. You should have both arms free to keep your baby supported and safe so that there is no risk of you dropping them.

If you do need to carry your baby and the stroller at the same time, you will want to invest in a baby carrier. This will keep your baby secure while allowing you to keep both hands free to carry the stroller, groceries, diaper bag, and anything else you may need.

How to Choose the Best Stroller for Your Walk-up Apartment


This is probably the most important feature to consider when looking at a stroller for your walk-up apartment. You don’t want to be struggling up several flights of stairs with a heavy baby and a heavy stroller. Depending on your body frame and upper body strength, something 15 pounds or less it ideal.


Best Stroller for a Walk-up Apartment must be compact and easy to carry around
Your stroller should fold up small enough that it doesn’t need to be dragged  (Source: Parenting Collective)

The stroller should also fold up small. Ideally, you will want to be able to carry it without dragging it on the stairs or taking up much space.

Easy to Carry

A stroller that has a carrying strap, handle or bag is best for a walk-up apartment. These make it easy to carry up the stairs like any other piece of luggage.

Look for a stroller that covers a wide weight range
Look for a stroller that covers a wide weight range (Source: The Bump)

As mentioned previously, some umbrella strollers aren’t suitable for newborns, and some travel systems aren’t suitable for older babies or toddlers. You want to make sure the stroller supports your child’s weight no matter what age they are.

5 best Stroller for a Walk-up Apartment

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GB Pockit Lightweight

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If you are looking for the lightest and most compact stroller, look no further than the GB Pockit Lightweight, the world’s smallest folding stroller. The Pockit Lightweight is ideal for people who live in a city where a lot of walking and public transit is required. It is only 9.5 pounds, 16.5 inches wide, and folds small enough to fit in the overhead area of a train or bus.

Its lightweight frame and small fold also allow it to fit into a backpack for easier carrying. This stroller is easy to steer and push with one hand, but it does have a bit of trouble over rough or uneven terrain (i.e. cracks in the sidewalk). There is also no option to recline the seat and it also takes quite a bit of practice to get the stroller down to the smallest fold.


  • Folds small enough to fit into a backpack
  • Only 9.5 pounds and 16.5 inches wide
  • Lots of padding on the seat and harness (including the crotch area)


  • Difficult to push over uneven terrain
  • The seat does not recline
  • Very small canopy

UPPABaby G-Luxe

[amazon box=”B0779XMK13″ /]

Many parents have raved over UPPABaby strollers for years, and this G-Luxe model is newly renovated and released for 2018. This stroller is all about convenience. Only weighing 15 pounds and folding with the flip of a switch on the handle, this stroller is easy to carry up the stairs of your walk-up.

It also stands upright on its own when folded, making it easy to set on the stairs if you need a moment to readjust and easy to store in a closet at home. While the folding mechanism is easy to use, it can be a bit difficult if you are left-handed or have small hands. You need to be able to grip the handle on the right side (where the switch is located) in order to trigger the folding mechanism.

The fabric lining easily removes to make cleaning a breeze. You can shake out crumbs or throw it in the washing machine to spruce it up.

This stroller is also comfortable for both parent and baby. There is one-handed seat recline, stretch 50+ UPF canopy, 4-wheel shock-absorbing suspension, a one-step brake (also on the right side), and ergonomic handles for comfort as well as a cup holder for the parent and a basket that holds up to 10 pounds.


  • Stands when folded
  • Folds with hand trigger
  • Comfortable and convenient


  • Difficult for left-handers to close
  • Not for small hands

Summer Infant 3D Lite

[amazon box=”B00O20OCVC” /]

The Summer Infant 3D Lite may not be the most luxurious stroller on my list, but it is durable, compact, and easy to carry. It is folded using a two-step hands-free method. Simple lift the lock on the back and push the trigger on the side with your foot and the stroller collapses and automatically locks shut.

You can then carry its 13-pound folded body by slinging the attached strap over your shoulder. Don’t let its small frame fool you; this stroller is very sturdy. It can hold up to 50 pounds on its lightweight aluminum frame.

The front wheels are anti-shock to absorb bumps and their large size helps the stroller to roll smoothly even over uneven cracks in the sidewalk. There is a canopy, but it is pretty small. The seat is tall and reclines nearly flat, but even at a toddler’s height, the canopy doesn’t provide much protection both sitting up and lying down.

The handles are padded and comfortable to reach just about any parent’s height, but they are not situated at an angle that makes the stroller possible to steer with one hand, especially with the weight of a child sitting in the seat.

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  • Hands-free fold
  • Automatically locks shut when folded
  • Carrying strap attached


  • Canopy is small
  • Impossible to steer with one hand

Mountain Buggy Nano

[amazon box=”B019DRIT4Y” /]

Similar to the GB Pockit, the Mountain Buggy Nano’s fold size is so compact that it passes airline carry-on luggage guidelines. This makes it both easy to carry and easy to store. The frame is narrow and compact, folding in two steps, and able to be carried with the shoulder strap or included travel bag.

It is also only 13 pounds (with the ability to hold up to 44 pounds). You do need to have the stroller prepped precisely before folding to prevent damage and allow it to fold properly. The seat needs to be inclined and canopy shut; you need to have two hands-free to trigger the locking mechanism and it needs to be manually strapped in order to stay shut (no auto-lock).

Due to its lightweight frame and weight distribution, this stroller easily pops over curbs, a necessary feature when you live in the city trying to navigate over sidewalks. You can also maneuver this stroller one-handed for additional convenience. Probably the best thing about this stroller is that there is no need for a car seat adapter if you wish to use this stroller as a travel system when your baby is young.

With special hooks and straps, any car seat carrier easily attaches without the need for a bulky adapter.



  • Folding needs to be precise
  • Doesn’t have much wheel suspension

Kolcraft Cloud Plus

[amazon box=”B017ERMTUK” /]

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus is similar to the UPPABaby G-Luxe in design and function. It folds easily with one hand via handlebar trigger and stands upright when folded but it is considerably lighter at only 11.8 pounds.

There is plenty of storage space for you and your little one with a storage basket and cup holders and trays for both parent and child. It is far less expensive than the UPPABaby making this a great choice for the bargain shopper.

Though it does stand upright when folded, the basket tends to drag making it difficult to roll the stroller upright when it’s folded. The auto-lock feature (when folded) also tends to have some issues. Many users say that it doesn’t catch well and they need to press on the folded stroller to get it to lock.

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  • Lightweight
  • One-handed trigger fold
  • Stands upright when folded


  • Basket drags when folded
  • Auto-lock doesn’t work well


When it comes to the features you need in the best stroller for a walk-up apartment – fast and easy fold, lightweight, and easy to carry – the UPPABaby G-Luxe is my recommendation.

Not only does it have these features, but it also stands upright when folded, which I consider being a huge bonus. You can rest it on the stairs for a moment if you need to readjust or easily store it in a small closet without worrying about it falling over.

Do you have a stroller you recommend for a walk-up apartment? Let us know!

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