GB Pockit Stroller Review

GB Pockit Stroller Review

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We had recently planned for a holiday tour to South East Asia. For this, I knew that I would need a highly compact solution that can accommodate a baby of even 50 lbs and fit nicely even in a crowded place where people can end up leaning involuntarily on the stroller.

Further, my height of 6’1″ always forced me to hunch over the stroller and make uncomfortable efforts to kick the rear wheels frequently. I had to address all these issues, as I was putting myself at the risk of hurting my spine as well as exposing my 18 months old to an immediate harm.

During my search, I found that the GB Pockit stroller addresses all these issues without compromising safety and comfort. As the name suggests, it converts into the smallest stroller upon folding yet remains sturdy with a weight of even 55 lbs. At the same time, it is comfortable to push even for a tall person like me.

An Overview of GB Pockit Stroller

A stroller is something that all parents prefer for traveling with their toddlers whether hiking trails or enjoy sun bath along beach sands. There are many types of strollers available in the market, each having its set of pros and cons. ( Once you decide the most suitable type as per your lifestyle, here are some important things to consider for selecting the most appropriate model:

  • Weight: It should be light so that you can push it easily.
  • Folding Ease: It should be easy to fold, quick to collapse, and fast to open.
  • Size after Folding: It should be as compact as possible, especially if you will be traveling through crowded places and narrow lanes. The more compact it is, the easier it is to carry along.
  • Recline: This aspect is essential, especially for new born babies and toddlers who often sleep in a stroller.
  • Safety: It should lock the frame and wheels into position with the desired level of firmness. It should also prevent any kind of accidental collapsing at the time carrying.
  • Adjustable Handle: The handle should be at the waist level of a pusher as well as flexible enough to move. It should also be able to operate with a single hand. This is an indispensable back saver for parents pushing for long.
  • 5-point Harness: This is a restraint system that makes a stroller the safest model. The system encloses the waist, wraps between the legs, and comes down over the shoulders.
  • Protective Canopy: It should defend from the sun, UV rays, wind, and rain.
  • Wheels: They should swivel well, preferably up to 360 degrees and must have a locking system for safety.
  • Storage: A storage area in a stroller should accommodate all baby accessories without affecting comfort and portability.

An Overview of GB Pockit Stroller

Pockit Stroller is the third generation of Pockit. It continues to retain the claim of being the world’s most compact stroller, which quickly folds into a shape of a handbag so that parents can carry and place it almost anywhere, even in an overhead compartment.

With ultra-compact fold, one-hand push, and recline mechanism; this stroller a great choice for those parents who crave to explore different places with their small ones. It is also an ideal option for parents running several errands. With an instant ability to shift from pushing to carrying, this stroller is perfect for visiting nearby stores and cafes and traveling by bus, train, and plane.

Like with the earlier models such as Qbit from GB, the Pockit is a bit larger, and this version comes with even more appealing features. Unlike its predecessor, this one comes with the reclining ability and bigger wheels if you wish to go on an adventurous tour without making much effort for comfort and safety.

It also can now work with car seat adapters (sold separately) due to which it is compatible with any Cybex or GB infant car seat. This is essential for traveling in a car. The seat itself is handy for six months to 55 lbs although the stroller is reliable right from birth, provided it is used with an infant car seat. The stroller is also now available in six different colors.



  • Compact and light enough to fit even inside a bag
  • Very light and spacious for even a 50 lbs 18-month old in it
  • Comfortable and removable fabric seat (useful for washing)
  • Higher weight capacity at a fraction of storage space consumption
  • Decent storage
  • No assembly
  • Smooth ride
  • No frequent effortful kicking


  • Wheels only for flat surfaces
  • No accessories such as child trays or cups
  • Small and non-detachable canopy
  • No adjustable handlebars

Features & Benefits

The GB Pockit stroller is not only known for its most compact fold to fit anywhere while traveling. It has some more goodies for both parents and toddlers. So, let’s explore them.

1. Practical Convenience regarding Movability

Image result for gb Pockit Stroller 2017 one hand steering

You can fold the stroller in just two steps to make it a self-standing carrier taking much less storage space. The folded version is as light as feather and features a handbag shape. With only weighing 9.5lbs, the folded version is easy to keep it in front of your seat in a bus or set it aside while dining at a restaurant. It can even easily fit in a big tote bag. This makes the stroller ideal for those on the move, as it has a practical way to be aside or even carry over the shoulder when not in use.

2. One-hand Steering on Small Yet Sturdy Wheels


You can push the stroller with the baby inside by using only one hand. This gives you the benefit of leaving the other hand free to do some other work. At the same time, the stroller takes care of your baby through its lockable 360-degree swiveling wheels in the front. There is also a one-touch foot brake at the rear. With these wheels that ensure consistent stability, you can safely stroll on flat surfaces, sidewalks, and rough trails. However, do not expect a smooth ride on a very bumpy surface, as the wheels are small although bigger than its original version.

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3. 5-point Padded Harness

Image result for 5-point harness gb Pockit Stroller 2017

There is an adjustable harness featuring crotch padding and a release buckle in the center. You can easily adjust the harness’ height for loosening or tightening it. This ensures that your baby is secured inside. There are also protective pads so that the baby feels comfortable while you are out for a long ride.

4. Small Canopy and Useful Handle Bars

Image result for canopy of gb Pockit Stroller 2017

The Pockit stroller also features the smallest canopy. It provides protection from the heat when the sun is behind or directly above the stroller.

Enclosed in soft foam, the bars appear more outward and forward than normal usual. They are covered with beautiful soft foam. While they are not adjustable, they are at 39″ from the ground. This is an average placement for the handle bars that are non-adjustable.

If your height is 6’ and above, you may feel that the handle bar is slightly low. However, you can easily push from the side with one hand. Between two handles, a crossbar exists to assist you to push. However, it is essential to close the canopy for using the crossbar.

5. Spacious Seat

The seat is very spacious to fit a toddler or an old baby comfortably. Even a tall child can fit inside due to a non-obstructing canopy. The seat comes with a small strap recline, which takes care of the baby’s head and facilitates comfortable napping.

The seat can accommodate a kid weighing up to 55 pounds. It is securely reclined due to which the child feels comfortable while sleeping. The seat’s padding material is cozy, which further contributes to sound sleep and comfortable sitting.

6. Decent Basket

Image result for spacious seat of gb Pockit Stroller 2017

The basket’s size is genuinely commendable considering the ultra-compactness and light weight of the stroller. It can easily accommodate up to 11 lbs, which is more than the weight of the stroller. This is useful for storing a couple of important on-to-go accessories such as a medium-sized diaper bag, milk bottle, and napkins. You can access the basket from the rear, which adds to the overall convenience.

7. Travel System Capability

It is surprising to see the smallest stroller accepting a car seat. However, it is a great feature for those who do not wish to remove their sleeping infant from the car seat once the destination arrives. This is because the system is detachable from the car seat.

8. Durable Design

The stroller is made using strong materials that tend to last for long. Even the seat’s fabric is removable and washable.

What are Parents Saying about this Stroller?

The features and benefits of this stroller persuaded me due to which I thought of exploring it more. So, I thought of knowing what other parents or users say about it. I went through a few review portals after which I concluded that this stroller was believed to be the reliable travel companion.

Alternative Options for GB Pockit Stroller

Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience

With a stylish and light aluminum frame, this one is a lightweight traveling stroller. However, at 15.4 pounds, it weighs more than the Pockit and takes three steps to fold. Just like this model, the 3D Lite Stroller features 5-point harness, lockable rear wheels, and multi-position recline for accommodating babies right from their birth until they weigh 50 pounds.

The seat reclines almost flat, which provides comfort to sleeping toddlers and small babies. It also becomes easier to change their diapers. The canopy is removable but small due to which it is not a choice for staying out in the sun for long. However, it does come with a flip out visor to protect the little one from the harmful rays of the sun. The handle bars are at a good height for allowing a tall user to push comfortably.

The stroller also features front wheels that are resistant to shocks, which is helpful if you suddenly need to stop it for preventing a mishap on the road. There are a big basket and a rear basket for storing different things.

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Frankly speaking, BabyZen was the first brand to introduce a super compact stroller to be used as a carry-on. Even today, it is popular among the traveling parents. However, its outrageous price and no traveling system convertibility are pushing it back in the preference list of most parents.

Weighing 13 lbs, the YOYO has all traveling features of a GB Pockit stroller. However, it has some extra features for which the price is still unjustifiable. The spacious seat has good side barriers, while the canopy has a peekaboo window and a pop-out visor.

It is also easy to maneuver in crowded places with a just one-hand push. However, the plus point here is that the non-swiveling wheels can tackle some tough terrain due to the soft drive mechanism. This mechanism eliminates the need to lock the wheels. The stroller can ride smoothly on cobblestone streets and even on broken lanes.

GB Pockit
Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience
BabyZen YOYO
Folding Steps
2, with both hands
3, with both hands
2, with both hands
Baby weight limit
Up to 55 lbs
Up to 50 lbs
Up to 33 lbs
6 months – 4 years
6 months – 4 years
6 months and up
9.5 lbs
13 lbs
13 lbs
Up to the mark
More than Summer Infant and less than GB Pockit
Yes, multi-position
Yes (Flat), 4-position
Yes (Deep)
5-point Harness
One-hand Steering
Yes, but not beyond 35lb
Not swiveling yet safe on rough terrain
Handle Bars
Not adjustable
Not adjustable
None, a single round handle at 42.”
Small but with a visor
Traveling System
Yes (Guinness Book of World’s Records

recording it for its most compact size)



I high recommend the GB Pockit stroller for both home moms and hard-working parents who are on the go for most of the time and cannot leave their little ones alone. The stroller is also handy for grandparents who like to roam with the toddlers at any time.

Initially, you might find it a bit time consuming to fold the stroller. Well, this needs some practice for only a couple of days.

I agree that the Pockit stroller is not a super strong model, but it is super compact as well as super light. Right now, no other stroller seems to be as compact as this one, which can fit below a seat, into a computer bag, and in an overhead compartment. It also gives relief to tall users who now need not hunch for pushing the stroller due to a decent height of the handle.

Click here to learn more about GB Pockit Stroller.

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GB Pockit Stroller

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