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Little child, especially a newborn, is very fragile. So many things can go wrong in their life, even while in slumber. We all know that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome can happen in their sleep. Recently, I heard about Owlet Baby Monitor, a device that could monitor baby’s breathing. So, I decided to learn more about the product. In this Owlet Baby Monitor Review, I will share my thoughts on it and why it’s a must-have for parents.

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Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Baby Monitor

The main reason why we need to purchase a baby monitor is we need a device that could help us track our baby’s breathing pattern and inform us whether he is asleep well at night.

high-quality baby monitor is a must-have for parents who are nurturing newborn infants or toddlers between 0 to 18 months.

If you son or daughter is older than this age, you might not need it. An installation of CCTV inside his or her room should be sufficient.

After doing some research, I found out that there are some basic criteria to consider before buying a baby monitor.

  • Functionality – In essence, a good baby monitor should be able to tell at least two things about your newborn: his breathing status and heart rate.
  • Reliability – The thing that annoys me (and I am sure you too!) the most is an unreliable product. Your baby monitor should not be prone to false alarms that can disrupt your son’s sleeping quality.
  • Sensitivity – Some baby monitors can be quite insensitive. They do not detect the pulse of your child accurately enough. The one that can track even the slightest hint of breathing (normally for premature babies) is the ideal product.
  • Ease of Use – The product should also be easy to operate. You should not hassle yourself with the setup, maintaining or tracking. Intuitive and user-friendly are the keywords.

Owlet Baby Monitor – Infant Heart Rate and Oxygen Monitor

Owlet Baby Monitor is a baby sleeping monitoring system that uses a simple method (it uses a sock!) to track your child’s heart rate and oxygen level. It’s similar to other market-leading products like Angelcare Baby Movement Monitor..

It is the older sister of the latest version called Owlet Smart Sock 2. The first version of Owlet offers similar features but with shorter Bluetooth range and original socks.

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With the purchase, you will get the followings:

  • Three different sizes of sensor socks
  • A base station
  • An iOS mobile app

If you have a premature baby or worry about the vital of your newborn, Owlet is ideal for you.

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However, it is not a medical device. So, it might not be suitable if you have a kid with severe heart diseases. You may need a proper care for it.


  • The sock is comfortable for babies
  • High-quality materials
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile app shows accurate numbers of heart rate and blood oxygen level
  • The pulse oximetry works as expected


  • False alarms if babies move a lot in sleep
  • App is not available for Android
  • Expensive price tag

Snug and Multiple Sizes of Socks Features and Benefits

Owlet is a well-designed baby monitor system that does not feel intrusive to your infant. There is no large gear or long, easily-strangled wires to put on your son’s body.

Out of the box, you will get three different sizes of socks. So, you can choose it accordingly as your child grows from newborn to a toddler. Check out this tutorial video to learn how to snug fit it.

Now, inside the sock, there is a hospital-standard pulse oximetry that detects your baby pulses and oxygen level in his blood system.

From here, it will send the pulses data to the base station via its built-in Bluetooth connection.

I found many users complimented how comfortable the Owlet sock is to their babies’ feet. Plus, the Velcro strap helps to keep it tight and snug. However, some also said the strap tends to wear off after a while.

Wired Base Station with High Accuracy

The dock is the interaction medium between your son’s sock to your smartphone. It is another important feature that helps you to get the much-needed peace of mind.

What it does is it receives the data from the oximetry and display alert lightings and emits alarm sound as below:

  • Green LED with no alarm sound – It means your baby’s oxygen level is normal. He is safe.
  • Yellow LED – The base is having a difficulty getting a good read from the sock. If the yellow alert persists, the base will trigger an alarm sound.
  • Red LED with alarm sound – It indicates that there is a problem with your baby’s breathing or oxygen level, the alarm sound on your smartphone will alert you.

So, how does the Owlet set its alert rating? It rates your baby’s BPM (beats per minute) in the range of 60 to 220 bpm. If you son’s heart rate goes out of this range, the alert occurs on both the dock and iOS mobile app.

Source: Stillbeingmolly.com

For the oxygen level, the range on Owlet is 80% to 100%. If your baby loses oxygen, for any reason, and the reading goes below 80%, you will get the alert and alarm notification.

To use the dock, you need to plug it into a power outlet – it is not wireless.

The only thing to keep in mind when using this dock is you will need to make sure it stays within 10 feet from the sock. It is operating on a Bluetooth connection, so it makes sense that the range is not that long.

I noticed that some users have tried to separate the sock and the dock from one room to another. The result is not as satisfying.

The connection is not stable, and lots of false alarms can be triggered. I recommend you to keep it in the same room.

If you find the alarm sound from the dock to disrupt your baby’s sleep, what you can do is you can set the Nursery Mode on from the Owlet mobile app.

I found this adjustable mode to be well-thought and helpful because it keeps the base silent even on a Yellow Alert. Only the alarm on your smartphone will be triggered.

Record and Track Your Baby’s Overall Sleeping Status

The next feature is the Owlet mobile application that is installable on your Apple smartphone. It is responsible for receiving data and alarm notification from the base to your phone.

Owlet uses your home’s Wi-Fi to establish a connection between the base and your iPhone or iPad. I found the setup process to be straightforward, and the app is highly navigable.

Source: Forlaurenandlauren.blogspot.my

You will get the direct reading of your baby’s oxygen level from his sleep last night. So, let’s say everything went well the other night, you can see on the app that the reading of his oxygen is 100%.

As a parent, if I see this positive number, it makes me blow a sigh of relief knowing that my son sleeps (and breathing) well on his own!

Check out this video to learn how to use Owlet correctly.

Social Proof

As I scoured the internet for more information and feedback on this Owlet Baby Monitor, I found that thousands of users have purchased it and so far, the rating is excellent.

Below are some of the feedbacks from happy and satisfied mommies who finally earned their well-deserved peace of mind. Let’s check them out together!

Bradi is a first-time mom who said that the Owlet is worth every penny!

Nads from California shared her experience using the device. She experienced no false alarms so far.

Sara Lynn left a review on her personal blog and highly recommended it to all mothers out there.

Kate who hailed from California is a new mom who relies on Owlet to check her daughter’s, Ruby, breathing – it has made her life easier!

Product Alternatives

There are three other similar products for you to consider as alternatives.

1. Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor

Snuza Hero is a great alternative to Owlet. It works in a similar manner, which is to detect an irregularity in breathing. However, instead of using a sock, it uses a sensor device that you clip on your son’s diaper.

It is ideal for you if you do not want your child to wear any sensor – a simple clip and you are all set!

It detects the breathing from his tummy’s movement. It vibrates if there is no movement after 15 seconds and emits an alarm sound after 20 seconds. It is also cheaper at about $100.

Amazon Link here

Angelcare Baby Movement Monitor AC517

The Angelcare baby monitor also has similar functionalities. However, it makes use of a sensor pad. Just place it under the mattress, and it will detect your son’s breathing pattern.

Again, if there is no movement after 20 seconds, you will hear an audible alarm sound. It is slightly expensive at about $300. If you have an extra budget, it is for you. We have did an extensive review on Angelcare Baby Monitor as well.

Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor

Source: Walmart.com

If you are on a tight budget, I recommend you the third alternative: Baby Vida. At only $90, it can do what Owlet can do – monitor heart rate and oxygen level in blood. If the reading of the pulses and oxygen go out of the standard range, an alarm will set off.

However, the device uses a bigger sock. It covers up to the ankle. If you don’t mind the big sensor, it is worthy of your consideration.



Baby Vida

Sensor Device

Diaper clip

Sensor pad

Big sock

Types of Detection


Breathing & room temperature

Breathing & oxygen level

Alert Types

Vibration & alarm

Alarm & tracking analysis

Vibration & alarm

The Conclusion

Sudden breathing problems are scarily prevalent in infants. Plus, they also tend to experience irregular breathing and if left unattended, can lead to SSID (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

With Owlet, you can prevent it. The device will track your child’s oxygen level and pulses every day. If no breathing detected, you would get an alarm. Most importantly, false alarms are seldom with Owlet.

You and your baby can sleep peacefully at night without those annoying beeping sound, and at the same time, being alerted if he is deprived of oxygen and stop breathing!

The sensor device is also small and accurate. It will not bother your child and function as expected.

If you are ready to buy this Owlet baby monitor, make sure you ​learn more on this link.

Join other mothers who have finally achieved a good night sleep, knowing that there is a reliable device they can trust to keep their babies safe!

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